Freely enjoy edited shows on K+

In order to make K+ edited shows more familiar to customers who are not even K+ subscribers we would like to provide you with the way to access to the following programs

1.     Muzik+ on K+NS

Weekdays (except for Saturday and Sunday) 12.00pm
2.     Diem hen the thao (Sport News) on K+1
All 7days
-       1st run: 6.30pm
-       2nd run: 10.15pm
-       3rd run: 6.00am
-       4th run: 11.30am
3.     Doi tuyen toi yeu (Best Team)
On K+1:
-       Wednesday: 4.45pm
-       Thursday: 1.15pm
On K+NS:
-       Friday 9.00pm
4.    Trailer on shows to be aired
On air before and after programs on 3 K+ channels: K+1, K+NS, K+PC, especially K+PC from 9:45am to 4:00am of the next day and will be re-broadcast in turn for the rest of the day.
To receive the channels from decoders which are not produced by K+, the below steps are suggested:
-       Step 1 : Make sure that DTH set-top box (STB) are receiving signals from Vinasat 1. Signal strength and quality is good enough to receive K+ channels (K+1, K+NS). If your dish (antenna) direction is different from that of Vinasat1, you have to turn it into Vinasat 1.
-       Step 2: Switch on your STB and check the signal quality from the dish by accessing the Channel search menu. The accepted signal status are as below:
+ Signal >= 82%
+ Quality >=85%
-       Step 3: If the signal is in good status, you will have to set the Transponder frequency into your STB.
+ Press Menu on remote control
+ Use navigation button (↑↓) to select menu Installation. If password is requested, press 0000.
Depending on your type of STB, you will find menus to add new transponder frequency of K+ channels such as: Dish Setting, Manual Search, TP list…
Among the menus is the menu Add (frequency). Normally, on the remote controls which have 4 function buttons of Red, Green, Yellow and Blue, the function Add is set for one of those buttons.
-       Step 4: After selecting the function Add, a parameter table will be displayed, you have to input the parameters of Transponder frequency of K+:
+ Satellite : Vinasat1
+ Band : KU
+ LNB Frequency: 9750 MHz
+ LNB Power : ON
+ Frequency : 11048
+ Sybol rate : 28799
+ POL : H
+ FEC : ¾
-       Step 5 : After finishing the input, press Ok to search the channels of K+ platform. At the end, you need to follow the broadcast schedule provided by K+ to view K+ edited shows.

We do hope you can enjoy K+ shows and give us more and more favour.

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