myKplus registration step 1 fill the form
myKplus registration step 2 verify email
myKplus registration step 3 verify mobile number

Step 1

Fill in the registration form on the website

myKplus registration step 1 fill the form

Note on the required details for the registration of myK+

4 info details for registration

NOTE: Set-top-box serial number is printed on the sticker/stamp that sticks on the bottom of the set-top-box and it is presented differently on each type of STB.
- STB HD Technicolor DSI424VSTV has "STB Serial Number" with 12 digits (usually starts with 12..........)
- STB HD Samsung-SMT5060 has "BUYER SN" with 11 digits (usually starts with 88.........)
- STB SD SmarDTV-STB111 has "SN" with 14 digits (usually starts with 46............)
- STB SD Opentel ODS1400NA has "SERIAL": ignore the first 5 digits, for example 15140, take the rest 11 digits after that (usually starts with 95.......)

Step 2

Click on the verification link in the email after submitting the form

myKplus registration step 2 email verification

Note on email verification:

  • The verification email is automatically sent from Kindly add this email address to your safety list to get the latest updates on myK+ service.
  • Please check the Junk Mail or Spam Mail if the email cannot be found in Inbox.
  • Click on the verification link in the email to open up a webpage on asking you to confirm your mobile number in Step 3 below.
  • Continue with Step 3 to complete the registration.

Step 3

Verify the mobile number registered in Step 1

myKplus registration step 3 mobile number verification

Note on mobile number verification:

  • The verification link in the email received in Step 2 leads to our website page showing a verification code (OTP - One Time Password) of 6 characters.
  • From the registered mobile number, you should send out an SMS following: K*OTT*Verification OTP.
  • Send the SMS to shortcode 6058 to verify your number (500vnd/SMS).
  • Get the success message.
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