K+TV BOX is a TV set-top-box via internet connection and it is a new channel package offered by K+ alongside the current satellite TV set-top-box.
- MODERN DESIGN: Easy installation. Connect K+TV box to wifi network and play your favorite content.
- EXCLUSIVE CONTENTS: Enjoy all and exclusive contents on K+ platform. Diversified thematic channel groups including Sports, Movies-Series, Entertainment, Education, Kids, Discovery.... Plus, the large VOD catalogue featuring thousands of hours as well as the Youtube app available in the set-top-box.
- PLUG N PLAY EXPERIENCE: Plug and Play any time any where. Catch up your favorite with LIVE TV and Start-over. Enjoy extra screen with FREE myK+ application on mobile devices.
K+ TV BOX vs. Satellite set-top-box:
Criteria K+ TV BOX K+ DTH (Satellite)
Line-up More than 110 channels More than 170 channels
Platform Internet Satellite
Add-on services Broadcast schedule, Start-over (re-watch),
VOD catalogue on TV screen, FREE myK+ app,
Youtube app
Requirements Internet connection from 5Mbps;
TV with HDMI portal
Smartcard and Satellite dish
Only 2 steps to start the set-top-box:
i. Connect the K+ TV BOX to the TV screen with the provided HDMI cable
ii. Connect the K+ TV BOX to the Internet with cable or wifi.
It is ready to enjoy all contents after 5 minutes of auto-configuration.
User with K+ TV BOX subscription account can download myK+ app and login for free on mobile devices/tablet. User can use K+TV BOX serial number which is printed on the bottom of the box case to register FREE myK+ account. Learn more about registering for myK+ FREE here.
The visual quality depends on the Internet speed. It is advised that the Internet package should be of minimum 5Mbps and the actual speed at the time of watching TV is minimum 1Mbps to enjoy good definition resolution.
To check the actual speed of internet connection provided for the TV BOX, press "Menu" on the remote control, then "Settings", then press 12345.
Press "Menu" on the remote control, then "Account & Support" to find the subscription information such as: Box serial number, subscription end-date... Such info is also presented in "Account & Support" then select Service Info or "Settings & Updates".
The highest definition supported by K+ TV BOX is HD (1280x720).
K+ TV BOX has only one HDMI portal, therefore it supports only one TV screen. Subscribers can register for myK= application service for FREE to watch hundreds of channels on computer (login on website kplus.vn), tablet or smartphone.
K+ TV BOX does not support external devices via USB portal. This portable is designated for technical support.
The monthly subscription fee starts from 125,000vnd per month. For equipment prices, please call 19001592 for updated offers.
K+ TV BOX is now available nationwide at K+ Stores and K+ retailers. Please find the nearest one to your home here Or call our Customer Center at 19001592.
The TV BOX serial number at the bottom of the box is required to renew the subscription. This number can also be found in Settings/Updates or Support/Service Info. All of the renewal options available for satellite package are also feasible for TV BOX. Please refer to all renewal options HERE.
Currently, the K+ TV BOX offer is a single offer, not a bundle with internet package.
At the moment, K+ does not have the Multiroom policy for this TV BOX. However, apart from TV screen, the FREE myK+ app is an alternative for watching K+ channels on other screens such as: computer, tablet, smartphone or even TV (chrome-casting from mobile devices).
K+ TV BOX is guarantee to exchange within 12 months from the first day of subscription activation for manufacturer' faults. The remaining duration of subscription will be restored to the exchanged box.
Please contact K+ retailers or call our Hotline 19001592 for further info on the nearest guarantee stations. Both adaptor and remote control have the same 1-year guarantee policy as the BOX.