myK+ is the online television application provided by K+. 
Subscribers of Premium+ package (installing K+ satellite parabola dish and set-top-box) are eligible to register and enjoy FREE myK+ service to watch TV channels on their devices via internet connection including PC, laptops, tablets and smartphones (Android and iOS).
Those who do not install satellite dish and set-top-box can also subscribe to use myK+ app by registering for myK+ NOW online TV package on website
Subscribers using myK+ would be able to enjoy premium contents on K+ channels including: all matches of The Premier League exclusive for 3 seasons from 2019-2022, The UEFA Champions League and Europa League exclusive on K+ until 2021, all ATP Tour, PGA Tour, IndyCar racing, latest Vietnamese movies, latest international TV series as well as other exciting programs exclusive on K+ channels. Hundreds of local and international channels are also available on the app.
Both subscribers of free or paid myK+ app need to create their account (either myK+ or myK+NOW) on website Then they can login to myK+ on website (via PC, laptop) or download FREE myK+ app to their Android or iOS devices and enjoy the service conveniently anytime anywhere via internet connection. Create an account here
For the moment, the registration of myK+ account is only available on website only. Here are steps to register for myK+ account.
myK+ offers the following features:
  • Live TV: streams live signals of hundred of local and international TV channels including 4 K+ ones.
  • NEW FEATURES VOD: A VOD catalogue with thousands of hours of movies, series, sports, entertainment contents. Connect devices to TV screen and replay all you want on K+ channels with Startover. How to connect to TV
  • Start-over: New feature on 4 K+ channels helping audiences replay contents already aired within 24 hours ago.
  • Connect to TV screen: New feature on myK+ app allowing users to connect their devices with TV screen or projector to enjoy the contents on bigger screens.
  • Broadcast schedule: presents a grid by channel, showing TV programs scheduled for up to one week in advance.
  • Account support: help subscribers check their subscription details as well as myK+ account info and renew online. Customers can also browse for answers in FAQ section.
  • Contact: shows hotline number and store list for further assistance.
myK+ can be accessed directly by logging on to website from a a PC or laptop. Note: Internet Explorer browser is not compatible with myK+ and may cause some viewing issues. Please switch to other ones such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge…
For tablets and smartphones, myK+ apps is available now for Android (ver 5.0 upwards) and iOS (ver 9.0 upwards) for FREE download from Google Play store and App store. The application will not work on jail-broken or rooted devices. The new feature “Connect to TV screen” help connect the devices to TV screen or projector to enjoy the programs on big screens.
Each and every myK+ account is eligible to register up to 4 devices (computer, smartphone, tablet and/or laptop) but only one device can be logged in at a time (1 stream). The system auto-recognises the first four devices that are logged in. To change the device, subscribers need to contact Call Center 19001592 for support. With NEW FEATURES Big screen and Startover, users now can connect the devices to watch on TV screen. Bigger screens for bigger events! How to connect to TV
Only myK+ account that has active subscription package (satellite or TV BOX) can access to Live TV and watch the streamed channels.
myK+ would support flexibly depending on the customer’s internet speed, at minimum 110kbps. The higher the speed, the better the quality. It is recommended to experience myK+ via internet rather than via 3G as it would consume customers’ 3G package capacity.
Also, with quality optimization technology, myK+ would bring the best out of the internet speed that the audiences have. Furthermore, myK+ service is completely unaffected by weather issues, which makes it very convenient for customers who love mobile television anytime, anywhere.
Inactive subscribers can still login myK+ account and access to all sections available except for paid content. That means, subscribers can browse for broadcast schedule, check their account info and refer to FAQ section.
Changing a password to myK+ account can be done via login on website
Each and every customer (subscriber) can register for only one (01) myK+ account regardless of the information used from main or secondary subscription.
At the moment, there are more than 100 channels including 4 K+ channels (in both HD and SD) and dozens of local and international channels. The total number of channels on myK+ might be different to that of the satellite channel package.


Download "myK+" from  Google Play Store and App Store below.

download myK+ from app storeDownload myK+ for Android devices here.