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K+ kids channel
K+ proudly presents our newest channel K+KIDS for our children from 2 to 8 years old with endless animated series for boys and girls.  
K+KIDS channel is available on satellite, TVBOX (internet) and K+ App.

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Multiple contents on K+KIDS are not only fun and exciting but also inspiring and educational for our kids to thrive. Notably, some titles of the Amazon Prime Originals have won elite awards including the Emmys, for their premium quality and top investment. To name a few are Masha and the Bear, Tumble Leaf, Pucca, Wiki and Animal friends, Boonie Bears: Snow Daze, Nils Holgersson, Vir The Robot Boy…; Besides, contents of different thematic topics such as musical, story telling, arts, discovery... are also in the catalogue.

    It's also very helpful and convenient that viewers are able to choose either Vietnamese dubbing audio or original language for some contents on both K+ set-top-boxes or K+ app.

phim hoạt hình Pucca
phim hoạt hình Nils và cuộc phiêu lưu cùng bầy ngỗng
Phim hoạt hình Mia và tôi
Phim hoạt hình Rubi gets it right
phim hoạt hình Terra và willy
Phim hoạt hình VIR cậu bé robot