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K+ is the online streaming application provided by K+ Television.

Subscribers using K+ satellite parabol dish and set-top-box or K+ TV BOX are eligible to register and enjoy FREE service on K+ application to watch TV channels on 1 of their personal mobile devices via internet connection including PC, or laptops, or tablets or smartphones (Android and iOS), not including Smart TV.
Those who do not install satellite dish and K+TV BOX can install K+ App from app stores and subscribe to buy a pack on website here. Within 1 account of K+ App, customers can enjoy K+ App on maximum 2 devices at the same time, including Smart TV, PC, laptops, tablets and smartphones. K+ App is offering top and exclusive contents on 5 K+ channels including (*): all matches of the English Premier League, the Australian Open, ATP Tour, Formula 1, PGA Tour, latest Vietnamese movies, latest international TV series, film produced by K+ under K+ Original brand, as well as other exciting programs. More than a hundred of local and international channels are also available on the app.
(*) Contents that subcribers can watch also depend on subscribed package.
K+ application offers the following features:
  • Live TV: streams live signals of hundred of local and international TV channels including 4 K+ ones in HD resolution.
  • VOD: The VOD catalogue features thousands of hours of movies, series, documentaries, discoveries, kids, entertainment contents, of which all exclusive ones on K+ channels are categorized systematically.
  • Playlist: Subcriber’s favorite contents can be added to playlist to follow.
  • Autoplay: Subsequent episodes in the same series or related VOD content will be suggested and automatically played when the current content is about to end.
  • Start-over: Progams of 4 K+ channels can be replayed within 24 hours from the first airing time
  • Connect to TV screen: It is allowed for users to connect their devices with TV screen or projector to enjoy the contents on bigger screens.
  • Broadcast schedule: presents a grid by channel, showing TV programs scheduled for up to one week in advance for K+ channels.
  • Set Reminder: Subcribers can mark upcoming programs on LiveTV according to the broadcast schedule and K+ app will send a notification when the program starts.
  • Parental control: Users can set pin code and minimum ages to limit contents which are not suitable for children (Default pincode is 1234; please kindly change your pin code at the 1st time of app using).
  • Account info: This helps subscribers to check their subscription details as well as make online renewal for subscription package in website and mobile app.
  • Profile Management: There are up to 4 profile members with different names and avatars in the same account.
  • Connected device management: Subcribers proactively control all devices that are logged in with the account and delete promptly in the app.
  • FAQ: a shortlist of frequently asked question to support user during utilization of K+ service.
  • Support: Online web-based page in which user can search for detail guildeline of each error code or notification during using K+ services.
For user experience enhancement, it is now easy for customer to create K+ account with mobile number.
Website: Access www.kplus.vn, select Registration button on the top right, key in mobile number (and email if you have), OTP passcode and password to finish the process.
Mobile/ Tablet: Search and download K+ application from Appstore (IOS) or Play Store (Google), select Registation button, key in mobile number, OTP passcode and password to finish the process.
Smart TV: Search and download K+ application from Application store in TV, select Registation button, key in mobile number, OTP passcode and password to finish the process.
Each mobile number/ Email can register ONLY 1 account.
Note: For customer who has subscribed Satellite dish or K+TV BOX package, it is advisory to key in smartcard number or K+TV BOX to get K+ FREE account.
In case, customer who has completed registration process without key in smartcard number or K+TV BOX, please contact 1900 1592 for support to edit account type.
User can log in K+ app in Mobile, Tablet, SmartTV or website by email or mobile number depending on registered information.
User can actively update account information including name, mobile number, email and password on K+ app or website.
On website, select My Account (right upper corner of the screen) and update information respectively.
On K+ app mobile, press Setting button (right upper corner of the screen), then press Profile menu and update info in need.
On K+ app Smart TV, press Account info icon (on top of the Hompage), then press the information which needs to be updated.
After updating to new app version, you shall have to re-log in. You can use ID and password of the old app version to log in the new app. In case you forgot password, please click “Forgot Password” to get new one.
It is mandatory to update the latest version of application when you receive notification in K+ App in Mobile devices or Smart TV for new-released app version.
You can enjoy the latest features of the app after updating and you will need to re-log in to continue watching.
  • EASY PACK: is a diversified entertainment package priced from only 79,000 VND/month with many attractive perks. With a reasonable cost, you can enjoy two exclusive channels K+LIFE and K+KIDS and hundreds of unique TV channels of various content genres such as Sports, Movies, Discovery, Children , General entertainment… and thousands of VOD hour.
  • FULL PACK: is the ultimate entertainment package priced from 175,000 VND/month, providing the most complete experience of unique content on K+ system. The channel package includes all 5 exclusive K+ channels, namely K+CINE, K+LIFE, K+KIDS, K+SPORT1, K+SPORT2, and hundreds of selected domestic and international TV channels and thousands of VOD hour.
Customers can easily register for the 1st time or renew current subscription pakage on all available renewal channels provided by K+ on website Mua gói app K+ - Truyền hình số vệ tinh K+ (kplus.vn) and K+ app on mobile/ tablet or you can refer to other ways to purchase package. Please check out how to renew/topup here
Subscribers are able to select Full pack to enjoy full K+ channel list and VOD content, or use Easy pack to access diversified entertainment contents but not include 3 K+ channels: K+ SPORT 1, K+ SPORT 2, K+ CINE.
Website: K+ can be accessed directly by logging on to website https://xem.kplus.vn/ on a PC or laptop. Các trình duyệt hỗ trợ bao gồm: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari trên MAC, Opera.
Mobile/ Tablet: K+ app is available now for Android (ver 7.0 onwards) and iOS (ver 11.0 onwards) by FREE downloads from Google Play Store and App store. The jail-broken or rooted devices are not supported for the purpose of contents’ copyrights protection.
Smart TV: K+ app is compatible with Samsung TV (2018 model onward), LG TV (2018 model onward with webOS 4.0 onward), Android TV (from Android 7.0 onward) by FREE downloads from TV application store.
Each and every K+ account is eligible to log-in up to four devices in multi-devices (computer, smartphone, tablet and Smart TV) and can log in on 2 devices (**) for parallel streaming at a time. It is possible for User to remove unwanted devices for continuous experience in app without other support (on K+ app mobile, pressing Setting button on upper right corner and press Connected Devices menu to do the deletion).
- For K+ app free account granted to subscribers using satellite dish & set-top-box or K+ TVBOX, customer can long in on only 1 device at a time.
- Smart TV is not applied for K+ app free account and K+ app 1-week package.
Only K+ account with active subscription can access to Live TV and watch the streaming channels.
K+ would support flexibly depending on the customer’s internet speed, at minimum 300kbps. The higher the speed of the Internet that Users have, the better the video quality can be. It is recommended to experience K+ via internet rather than via 3G/4G to avoid unexpected data consuming.
Besides, with quality optimization technology, K+ always brings the best out of the internet speed that the audiences have. Furthermore, online K+ service is completely unaffected by weather issues, which makes it very convenient for customers who love mobile television anytime, anywhere.
Inactive subscribers can still login with K+ account to watch those free contents and access to all sections available except for paid content.
Changing a password to K+ account can be done via login on website www.kplus.vn or on K+ mobile application. At the login screen, press “Forgot password” to reset password.
Each and every subscriber can register for only one (01) K+ account regardless of the information used from main or secondary subscription.
The quantity of channels varies by package, from 88 up to 100 (in both HD and SD resolution). The total number of channels on K+ online service might be different to that of the satellite channel package or K+TV BOX according to the license in each platform.
There are several models of mobile devices on the market with low security features that do not meet the requirements of digital rights protection. K+ has a strict copyright protection policy, ensuring the interests of customers, so devices that do not guarantee will not be able to use K+ application. Currently, K+ app can be used on most popular mobile device models such as Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, OPPO, ASUS, Lenovo.
Please log in to your K+ account on another device, go to Settings (upper right corner), then press Connected Devices menu to delete the device that you don't use anymore/lose. You should change your password by pressing “Forgot password” at the login screen.
K+ application is only provideded in Vietnam. In fact, channels and program broadcast rights on K+ platform are only authorized in Vietnam territory.
Please scan QR code in the top banner of Smart TV App; or go to website for package subscription https://www.kplus.vn/app-kplus/mua-goi-app
Please use the Play & Pause button on Samsung smart TV remote control next to Home button)
When you encounter an error C006 or C303, it means that your K+ app account is a free account of K+ satellite parabola dish (DTH) and set-top-box or K+ TV BOX. These accounts are not applicable for Smart TVs according to the current policy of K+. In this case, please watch with this account on mobile devices/computers. Note: the duration of the K+ App free account depends on the subscription duration attached to the DTH and TV Box subscription. Or if you would like to watch on both Smart TVs and mobile devices/computers, then (1) call K+ 19001592 (1000 VND/minute) for support in free account cancellation with your current phone number and purchased a K+ app account or (2) use another phone number to buy a paid K+ app account on the website https://www.kplus.vn/my-kplus/buy-package-kplus
Our Customer Care Center is available 24/7 at 19001592 (1,000vnd/minute). About 3,000 K+ retailers nationwide are listed by District and Province on website www.kplus.vn We also have K+ stores and K+ shop-in-shops open from 8:30 to 21:00 and located in big cities and can be found listed here.
K+ App on smart tv