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DTH (Direct - To - Home) is an official term of the television industry and satellite television. DTH is a method of receiving television signals directly from satellite by using an individual dish, set-top box and LNB signal converter.
DTH was originally developed to connect remote areas where cable television cannot reach. Nowadays, this technology,which brings superior quality of image and sound over cable TV, is becoming more popular all over the world.

Subscription fee for new subscribers includes equipment fee and channel package fee. You can subscribe minimum 03 months for Premium+ package. Click on PREMIUM+ to have detailed information of equipment fee and monthly channel package fee.
Renewal fee includes channel package fee only. Click on PREMIUM+ to have detailed information of monthly channel package fee by package. Basic renewal terms are 1/3/6/12 month(s), but you can renew your subscription with other durations as per your demand.
From April 1st, 2018, ViAccess customers are encouraged to swap for HD set-top-box with the following offers:
- Get a FREE HD set-top-box with a purchase of 12-month subscription (125,000vnd/month x12 months).
- Or get the HD set-top-box at 500,000vnd/STB together with a 6-month subscription (135,000/month x 6 months).
These offers are available at K+ stores and retailers nationwide.

The network of K + distributors providing K+ equipment and renewal service is spread all over the country including:
• Showrooms and K + Stores are located in big cities such as Hanoi, Hai Phong, Ha Long, Da Nang, Can Tho, Ho Chi Minh.
• Over 2,000 official retailers spreading across 63 provinces and cities;
• More than 100 prestigious supermarkets locating nation-wide such as Pico Plaza, Media Mart, HC, Big C, Viet Long, Phan Khang,...
Yes if you are using digital television from these provider: FPT, VTVCab, MyTV, HanoiCabViettel with monthly fee of 150,000VND only.
Please contact 1900 1592 for further support.
For K+ and K+’s customers who are using the product and/or service provided by K+ in Vietnam, a complaint means any question/request/feedback made by a customer who thinks that K+ infringed customer rights, which shall be:
  • provided in the agreements/contracts signed between the customer and K+;
  • committed by K+ to the customers;
  • Provided by the law of Vietnam.
For other enquiries, customers can get the information by emailing via the Contact menu on our website at www.kplus.vn or by calling to our Call Center at 1900 1592
Your complaint may be made by oral, in writing, via telephone, and/or email. You can lodge it via below contact points:
No. K+ Store/SIS Address District Province
1 K+ Store Nguyen Trai 1075 Nguyen Trai, P.14 Dist. 5 Hochiminh
2 Shop in Shop Co.opXtra Thu Duc Ki-ot 04, Co.opXtra Thu Đuc, No. 934 Road 1A, KP4, Linh Trung Thu Duc Hochiminh
3 K+ Store Cao Thang 26 Cao Thang, Ward 5 Dist.3 Hochiminh
4 K+Store Quang Ninh 803 Le Thanh Tong, Bach Đang Ward Ha Long Quang Ninh
5 K+ Store Hai Phong 204A To Hieu, Trai Cau Ward Le Chan Hai Phong
6 K+ Store Ha Noi 39 Hai Ba Trung Hoan Kiem Hanoi
7 K+ Store Gia Lam 312 Nguyen Van Cu Long Bien Hanoi
8 Shop in Shop Savico Long Bien Kiot 142 - Savico Mega Mall 7-9 Nguyen Van Linh Long Bien Hanoi
9 K+ Store Bien Hoa 38 Đuong 30/4, kp4, Bien Hoa Bien Hoa Dong Nai
10 K+ Store Đa Nang 22 Nguyen Van Linh, Nam Dương Ward Hai Chau Da Nang
11 K+ Store Can Tho 42 Tran Van Kheo, Cai Khe Ward Ninh Kieu Can Tho
12 Shop in Shop Big C Binh Duong Kiosk 12, F1, Big C, 555B avenue Binh Duong. Thu Dau Mot Binh Duong
13 Shop in Shop Big C Di An An Ki-Ốt 12, First Floor, BigC  Green Square, Dong Hoa Ward Di An Binh Duong
  • Website: www.kplus.vn, at Contact menu;
  • Email address: kplus@vstv.vn;
  • The head office of K+ at Floor 15, Tower A, Handi Resco Tower, 521 Kim Ma Street, Ngoc Khanh Ward, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, Vietnam.
You have to logde the complaint within a period defined by the Law and depending on the reason of the complaint, currently:
  • the period for you to lodge the complaint about the subscription fee shall be one (01) month from the date on which you pay the subscription fee or the date of the invoice; or
the period for you to lodge the complaint about any other issue(s) regarding K+’s products and/or service shall be three (03) months from the date on which you use the service or the infringement occurs.

Your complaint, if any, will be settled by K+ under 5 steps as defined in the Complaint Settlement Procedure issued by K+, summarized below. For more detailed information of the procedure, please click here.

Receipt of the Complaint:

All the representative of K+, who works at or in charge to manage the contact points, where you can lodge your complaint shall be liable to receive your complaint.

  1. Qualification Checking:
  • Required contents: All necessary information related to the complaint and your personal information (name, address, phone number, email address, smart card number, decoder number, etc.) shall be requested by the complaint recipient.
  • Remarks for receipt of the complaints: K+ shall be entitled to decline to receive and settle any complaint exceeding the lodging period.

  1. Complaint settlement at Level 1:

Your complaint will be handled by K+ Call Center and selected K+ Stores mentioned above. If the complaint will be successfull settled, the settlement procedures of the complaint will be completed. Otherwise, the Complaint shall be referred to Level 2 for further action.

  1. Complaint settlement at Level 2:

Any complaint which cannot be handled at the Level 1 shall be refered to K+ Customer Care Dept. for settlement with below details:

  • Acceptance or refusal of the complaint:
  • The notice of acceptance of the complaint shall be sent to you within five (05) working days from the date of that complaint.
  • The notice of reject of the complaint shall be sent to you within five (05) working days from the date of the complaint date when the complaint is made later than the complaint lodging period as mentioned above.
  • Settlement and co-ordination:
  • If the complaint is acccepted by K+, based on the information described in the complaint, person in charge shall analyze, collect information and prepare the answer to you.
  • K+ may invite you to the head office or other certain locations to discuss about the settlement of the complaint. The results of such discussion shall be recorded in the minutes signed by both you and K+.
  • For accepted complaint, the written answer to you shall be prepared by K+ Customer Care Dept. in co-ordination with other departments if necessary.
  1. Response to the Customer:

The Customer Care Department shall settle and give a written answer to the Customer within twenty (20) working days from the received date.

List of K+ warranty centers across the country:
1 Electrical Shop - Quoc Thai 116-118 Nguyen Van Thoai, Phuong A Chau Đoc An Giang 0763866772
2 Nguyen Hue Company 9/9 Tran Hung Dao, My Xuyen Ward Long Xuyen An Giang 0763601998
3 Ngoc Anh Company 691 Truong Cong Đinh, Ward 7 Vung Tau Ba Ria Vung Tau 0643815339
4 VACHI H Company 155 Ly Thai To – Tran Phu Bac Giang Bac Giang 02403854018
5 Hoang Hue Centre No. 24A-B Nguyen Van Thoat, Group 5, Phung Chi Kien Ward Bac Kan Bac Kan 02813870299
6 Viet Dung Retailer 107 Phan Ngoc Hien, Ward 3 Bac Lieu Bac Lieu 07813822229
7 Tran Xuan Shop Kiot B13, Suoi Hoa Market Bac Ninh Bac Ninh 02413825666
8 Long Hai Shop 19 Zone 4,Chau Thanh Town Chau Thanh Ben Tre 0753613136
9 Quang Shop 300 Tran Hung Dao Quy Nhon Binh Dinh 0566514568
10 Luan Hoa Shop Road 30/4, kp 1, My Phuoc Town Ben Cat Binh Duong 06503557378
11 Shop in Shop Binh Duong Shop 12, First Floor 1, Big C , 555B Binh Duong Revenue (Hoang Hoa Tham) Thu Dau mot Binh Duong 06503819092
12 Shop in Shop Big C Di An, Binh Duong Shop 12, Big C center Green Square, Dong Hoa Ward Di An Binh Duong 06503773443
13 Hoang Hieu Company K5/C63 Huynh Van Cu Road, Hiep Thanh Ward Thu Dau 1 Binh Duong 06503872293
14 Minh Dao Shop 52B/3 Zone 2, Aan Phu Ward Thuan An Binh Duong 06503764724
15 Phuong Thuan Shop Lien thai Loc Ninh Loc Ninh Binh Phuoc 06513568095
16 Tan Tai Shop 125 Hung Vuong, An Loc Ward Binh Long Binh Phuoc 06513666890
17 Linh Company 40 - 41 Zone 2 Phuoc Long Binh Phuoc 06513775099
18 Hung Shop 137 Tran Phu, Duc Nghia Ward Phan Thiet Binh Thuan 0623819553
19 Trieu Khang Shop 154 Nguyen Tat Thanh, Ward 8 Ca Mau Ca Mau 07803818774
20 K+ Store Can Tho 42 Tran Van Kheo Ninh Kieu Can Tho 07103769088
21 K+ Store Đa Nang 22 Nguyen Van Linh Nam Duong Da Nang 05113689713
22 Hai Phi Da Nang Company 33 Le Đinh Ly – Thac Gian Ward Thanh Khe Da Nang 05113645888
23 Hung An Binh Company 703 Ton Duc Thang Lien Chieu Da Nang 05113791959
24 Vinh Hoa Company 54 Y Jut, Ban Me Thuot Ban Me Thuot Dak Lak 05003852104
25 Nhat Long 99 Pham Ngu Lao, Thanh Cong Ward Ban Me Thuot Dak Lak 05003779999
26 Viet Nguyen Shop Group 10, Nghia Thanh Ward Gia Nghia Dak Nong 05013546714
27 Hoang Thao Shop 161 Nguyen Tat Thanh Dak Mil Dak Nong 05013741290
28 Minh Huong Company No. 16 Group no. 4 Thanh Binh Ward Dien Bien Dien Bien 02303826690
29 Tien Anh Shop Group 1, Van Hai Zone, Road 51A Long Thanh Dong Nai 0613844108
30 Tran Thien Van Company 206 Phan Trung Street, Zone 2, Tan Tien Ward Bien Hoa Dong Nai 0613916483
31 Cong Tan Shop 71, Ly Thuong Kiet, Ward 2 Cao Lanh Dong Thap 0939853459
32 Thuan Shop 15 Tran Hung Đao, Ward 2 Sa Dec Dong Thap 0673865418
33 Ngoc Huong Company 25 Phan Boi Chau, Group 9, Hoi Thuong Ward TP Pleiku Gia Lai 059 3824507
34 Chien Chao Shop No 17, ngõ 17, Road 19/5 Ha Giang Ha Giang 02193861509
35 ICTV Company Building C3-G, No.6 Doi Nhan, Vinh Phuc Ward Ba Dinh Ha Noi 0462662609
36 Thanh Hai Shop 53C Road 2, Phu Lo Soc Son Ha Noi 0438841366
37 Binh Vuong Shop 302 Thanh Vi, Son Loc Son Tay Ha Noi 03433931534
38 Viet Cuong Company 217 Xa Đan street (New Kim Lien) Dong Da Ha Noi 0435738022
39 Nha Anh Shop 427 Quang Trung Ha Dong Ha Noi 0485884884
40 Hong Phong Pho Tia, To Hieu Thuong Tin Ha Noi 0433751837
41 Minh Cuong Shop Km 36+500 QL1A, Ung Hoa Phu Xuyen Ha Noi 0433855665
42 Chuc Son Shop 49 Hoa Son Chuc Son Chuong My Ha Noi 0466756367
43 K+ Store Ha Noi 1 39 Hai Ba Trung Hoan Kiem Ha Noi 0439387477
44 K+ Store Ha Noi 2 312 Nguyen Van Cu Long Bien Ha Noi 0438729609
45 Tan Viet No 22 /46 Nguyen Hoang Ton Tay Ho Ha Noi 0435380937
46 Thien Minh Company No 157 Van Chuong, Van Chuong Ward Dong Da Ha Noi 0462919955
47 Do Gia Company No.91 Pham Ngu Lao Hai Duong Hai Duong 03206258888
48 Duc Tai Company 42 Luong Khanh Thien Ngo Quyen Hai Phong 0316502772
49 Mini Store Hai Phong 204A To Hieu, Trai Cau, Le Chan Hong Bang Hai Phong 0313822428
50 Minh Duc Shop 103 Cai Tac Town Chau Thanh A Hau Giang 07113848221
51 Khuong Duc Company 312 Cu Chinh Lan Hoa Binh Hoa Binh 021.8385.2772
52 Lam Sy Shop 14A Dien Bien 1 Hung Yen Hung Yen 03213864776
53 Viet Hung Company 142 Tran Quy Cap - Nha Trang Nha Trang Khanh Hoa 0583561678
54 Phan Hung Shop 353-355-357 Nguyen Trung Truc Rach Gia Kien Giang 0773877778
55 Thanh Long Shop  303A Nguyen Trung Truc Phu Quoc Kien Giang 0773993553
56 Chin Shop 162 Tran Hung Dao  Kontum Kon Tum 0603865045
57 Viet Nguyen Company No. 10, Quyet Thang Street Lai Chau Lai Chau 02313877264
58 Vu Shop No. 6 VoThi Sau Zone 5 - F2 Bao Loc Lam Dong 0633717516
59 Thanh Huyen Shop Thang Long Market, Nam Bien Lam Ha Lam Dong 0633852900
60 Tu Luan Shop 169 Ba Trieu Hoang Van Thu Ward Lang Son Lang Son 0253500299
61 Cao Van Tru 186 Nguyen Hue, Pho Moi Ward Lao Cai  Lao Cai 0203832596
62 Phong Phu Shop 101/1 Truong Cong Dinh Phuong 1 Tan An Long An 0723826179
63 Thanh Co My Hanh south, My Hanh North Duc Hoa Long An 0723751243
64 Binh An Sinh Company 57A Tran Hung Dao, Nam Dinh Nam Dinh Nam Dinh 03503831138
65 Trung Tan Company 77 Nguyen Duc Canh Vinh Nghe An 0383589489
66 Quang Minh Shop 172 Van Giang Street Ninh Binh Ninh Binh 0945959666
67 Hoa Shop 683 Thong Nhat Phan Rang Ninh Thuan 0683830215
68 Nguyen Cong Hoa Ha Hoa Town Ha Hoa Phú Tho 02103883032
69 HIC Centre N0. 52 Cau Dat, Thanh Son Town Thanh Son Phu Tho 02103873389
70 Giang Nga Shop Zone 22 Hoang Xa Thanh Thuy Phu Tho 02103878055
71 Phu Long 77 Nguyen Trai Tuy Hoa Phu Yen 0573820890
72 Yen Long Shop Ga Market, Dong Hoi Quang Binh 0603823238
73 Tan Nhat Thanh Company 548 Phan Chu Trinh Tam Ky Quang Nam 05102210436
74 Minh Sanh Shop 575 Quang Trung, Nghia Chanh Ward Quang Ngai Quang Ngai 0553823545
75 Long Phuong Shop Tran Phu Mong Cai Quang Ninh 0333772764
76 Do Thang Shop No. 205,Group 11, Zone 1, Nguyen Duc Canh Road Cam Pha Quang Ninh 0333735329
77 Mini Store Ha Long 803 Le Thanh Tong Ha Long Quang Ninh 0333819021
78 Hang Hai Company 127 Le Duan/ 25/45 Ly Thuong Kiet, Dong Luong Ward Dong Ha Quang Tri 0533567333
79 Quang Anh Company 89-91, Hai Ba Trung, Ward 1 Soc Trang Soc Trang 0793822647
80 Toan Duc Company subregional 4 – Hat Lot Town Mai Son Son La 0223 543379
81 Minh Khanh Shop 33 Tran Phu Road, Ninh Trung –Ninh Son Tay Ninh Tay Ninh 0666252704
82 KPV Retailer 1186 Cach Mang Thang 8, Ward 4 Tay Ninh Tay Ninh 0663622894
83 Thao Shop Loc Trat, Gia Loc Trang Bang Tay Ninh 066.3882030
84 Hue Manh Shop 420 Ly Bon, De Tham Ward Thai Binh Thai Binh 0363831163
85 Nghia Phuong Shop No. 268, group 7, Tan Long Ward Thai Nguyen Thai Nguyen 02803844561
86 Hai Van Shop 32 Hang Đong - Đien Bien Thanh Hoa Thanh Hoa 0373753335
87 Le Gia No.45 Trieu Quoc Dat Thanh Hoa Thanh Hoa 0373856710
88 Thanh Son Company 106 Phan Đang Luu Hue Thua Thien Hue 0543511482
89 Duy Tan 1 12A Nguyen Trung Truc, Ward 3 My Tho Tien Giang 0918121937
90 Hoang Thinh 2 Company No. 1, Route 1K, zone 2, Linh Xuan Ward Thu Duc HCM 0837246577
91 Shop in Shop Coop Mart Thu Duc Shop 04, Coop Mart Linh Trung- Thu Duc 934 Road 1A, Zone 4,Linh Trung Ward Thu Duc HCM 0837246864
92 Hai Phi Company 477 Hai Ba Trung, Ward 8 Dist.3 HCM 0838482131
93 Ung Binh Chau Company 44C, Tu Do, Ward 7 Tan Binh HCM 0839770011
94 Vu Hong Minh Company 7A Tang Bat Ho, Ward 12 Dist.5 HCM 0839575331
95 Vu Gia Phat Company 709 Road 3/2 – Ward 6 Dist.10 HCM 0839574286
96 K+ Store Ho Chi Minh 149A Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Dist.1 HCM 0839259673
97 Viet Quang Company 237 Truong Chinh, Ward 12, Tan Binh HCM 0862680268
98 Kim Hung Shop 45 Vo Thi Sau, group 3, Ward 3 Tra Vinh Tra Vinh 0743856752
99 Son Vinh 23 Ha Huy Tap, Phan Thiet Tuyen Quang Tuyen Quang 0273816188
100 Hoa Shop 12A Le Thai To, Ward 2 Vinh Long Vinh Long 0703828067
101 Kien Canh 366, Hung Vuong road, Tich Son Ward Vinh Yen Vinh Phuc 02113840123
102 Nguyen Thi Ngan Shop 17B Hoang Hoa Tham, Nguyen Thai Hoc Ward Yen Bai Yen Bai 0293862299
  1. Warranted equipment: Set-top-box (Decoder) and smart card supplied by K+
  2. Warranty period: Twelve (12) months since the first subscription activation in accordance with K+ Subscriber Management System.
  3. Warranty Collection points: Collection Center authorized by K+
  4. Terms and conditions:
  • Equipments under warranty are those having defects arisen due to the manufacturing and under the warranty period.
  • Equipments out of warranty conditions are those out of the warranty period or those under the warranty period having defects arisen due to the user or due to the force majeure.
  • The warranty under the Contract shall not be applied when Warranted Equipment is defected due to the following reasons:
  1. Warranted equipment has been mishandled, misused or modified or repaired by the customer or any unauthorized person by K+;
  2. Technical maintenance of the inside Warranted Equipment by the End-user and/ or a third party not approved by K+;
  3. Warranted equipment has been tampered with or attempted to be repaired by the Subscriber or any others unauthorized by K+  to do so, which causes the damage of Warranted Equipment;
  4. The warranty shall not cover activities of periodical maintenance, exchange or replacement of the accessories due to normal wear and tear;
  5. Warranted equipment has been defected due to accident, force majeure event, configuration changed versus the original one provided by the manufacturer;
  6. Warranted Equipments are not provided by K+;
  7. Misuse or use or installation of the Warranted Equipment contrary to the instruction manual for the Warranted Equipment;
  8. The “warranty seals” are not intact or the fake “warranty seals” are stuck on the set-top-box at the time of receiving equipments at collection points of K+;
  9. The serial number of the Warranted Equipment has been removed or defaced;
  10.  Warranted equipment has been maintained in improper conditions (except that the maintenance is done by K+ or one of authorized retailers of K+);
  11. Direct influence of thunderbolt.
  1. Warranty method:
  • Decoder with defects detected under and out of warranty period will be exchanged with used decoder in equivalent standard functions (technical specifications) verified by K+.
  • With smart card, it will be replaced with a new one.
  1. Warranty service charge:
Warranted equipment Customer benefit  
Normal defects
(Defective power, defective tuner… ) that can be repaired by replacing components
Defective Main board(Defective Main board, CPU chipset) cannot be repaired by replacing components
Equipment under warranty period
  • Set-top-box with brand Opentel ODS1400NA
  • Set-top-box with brand SmardTV STB111 VST-MTC01(included Adapter and remote control)
  • Set-top-box with brand Samsung HD SMT-S5060
  • Smart Card Nagravision with logo K+ or VSTV (including Multiroom smart card)
Have equipment exchanged and warranty period is same as the remaining warranty duration of old equipment at max and is 3 months at min.
Free of charge
Free of charge
Equipment out of warranty condition
Set-top-box Opentel ODS1400NA/
Have equipment exchanged and warranty period + 3 months since the date of exchanged equipment
150.000 VND
400.000 VND
Adapter of Smart DTV STB111 120.000 VND
Remote control of SmartDTV STB111
Set-top-box Samsung HD SMT-S5060  
300.000 VND
800.000 VND
Smart Card Nagravisionwith logo K+ or VSTV (including Multiroom smart card of new type)  
240.000 VND
Multiroom smart card of old type 490.000 VND
HD Decoder 1.000.000 VND
SD Decoder 700.000 VND
Nagra Smart Card 240.000 VND
70.000 VND
Dish 310.000 VND
20m cable + 02 Jack F5 180.000 VND
SD SmartDTV remote 80.000 VND
SD Opentech remote 80.000 VND
HD Samsung remote 120.000 VND
Multiroom smart card of old type 490.000 VND
Multiroom smart card of new type 240.000 VND
Appropriate Spliter 100.000 VND
Transportation fee: For both case of under warranty and out-of-warranty, customer will be charged with the fee of two-way transport of warranted equipment from customer’s place to Collection points
Apart from collection points, you are advised to bring the defected equipment to the nearest K+ retailer for check and repair. Call 1900 1592 or click HERE to find a retailer close to your home
We understand that you will feel very uncomfortable when watching your favorite K+ channel, the images break down and then the screen turns into black. This phenomenon is called image interference due to the heavy rain or the satellite signal loss due to passing through rainy clouds. Even the highest satellite television technology sometimes is inevitably affected by this natural phenomenon. The phenomenon occurs quite regularly for satellite TV services, especially in Vietnam. Normally, this phenomenon will cease when the clouds disappear.
K+ is committed to improve service with non-stop efforts. However, in cooperation with service provider, you also can overcome the above trouble by following some guidelines:
1. Every two to three years, you should request the technical staff of K+ official retailer check the dish’s orientation and LNB’s operation (charge service)
2. Ensure the cable connecting the dish and the decoder is officially provided by K +, and check if the cable is twisted or damaged.
3. Keep the cable long enough and ensure connection point between the cable and the decoder is fixed.
4. Do not share the cable with a second decoder without using an appropriate splitter; the division must be done by technical staff of K+ official retailer.
1. Does not display LED on the front panel or the receiver has no power?
• Check the power cord
• Disconnect the power cord and connect it again to the receiver.
• Check the power supply
2. No pictures on the screen?
• Check if the receiver is in standby mode?
• Check if the video output port is firmlyconnected to the TV?
• Check if you have selected the correct channel or video output on your TV.
3. No sound?
• Check the volume level of the TV
• Check the volume level of the decoder
• Press “MUTE” key on the remote control                                                                          
• Connect the audio cords properly
4. Remote control does not work?
• Check if the decoder has been turned on.
• Check if the remote control is for the decoder
• Check the battery of the remote control.
5. Poor picture quality?
• Check the signal strength in the “Channel Search” menu
• If it is low, try adjusting the alignment of your dish
6. Abnormal operation when two STBs are connected by “IF OUT?
• Turn off one of two STBs.
7. Rebooting when the main power is on?
• Check the LNB
• If the LNB is short, replace the LNB
8. Error message on TV screen: “Searching Signal”?
• Connect the antenna cable properly.
• Check the LNB. Please replace LNB if necessary.
• Check the position of the dish. Please realign dish if necessary.
• Check the signal strength in the “Channel Search” menu.
If you still cannot access any channel, the STB may be broken, please contact the retailer for support.
9. Message “No right to access” on TV screen?
• Check if the channel you are trying to access is included in your package.
• Check your package duration (for the model ODS4000V: press Menu à select “Hệ thống khóa mã” à press OK 4 times, for the model Nagra ODS1400NA/ SmardTV STB111: call 1900 1592 for required information)
• If the package duration is not yet ended, please call K+ support center 19001592 to re-activate the smartcard. Note: turn on the decoder and put the smartcard in the decoder to receive the right.
• If the duration is ended, please contact the closest retailer to renew your subscription.
10. Message “Unrecognized smartcard” on TV screen?
• Check the smartcard and slightly clean the copper panel on the smartcard
• If the message still appears, please contact the closest retailer to get a new one and exchange the duration of your current smartcard to the new one.
1. Nothing appears on TV screen?
• Check if the TV and set-top box are powered on.
• Check the connection status of the cable between TV and set-top box.
• Check if the TV input is set to your dedicated set-top box external input mode (HDMI, AV, EXTERNAL…).
2. Menu screen is not displayed?
• Power on the set-top box, and then press the Menu button on the remote control.
• If pressing the Menu button still does not display a menu screen properly, contact the local service center.
3. The remote control does not work?
• Operate the remote control to see if the IR LED on the front of the product body flashes red.
If it flashes red whenever you press a remote control button, it means the remote control and set-top box are working normally
• Check if the remote control is suitable for the set-top box.
• Replace the batteries with new ones and check if the remote control works normally.
• Check if the batteries are placed correctly
• Check if there is an obstacle between a set-top box and a remote control.
• Operate the remote control near to the set-top box to see if it works normally
4. No sound comes out from TV or audio?
• Check the connection status of the cable between the audio port of TV/audio system and the AUDIO OUT port at the back of the set-top box.
• If the cable is connected normally, check if the MUTE function is enabled. If the MUTE function is enabled, press the MUTE button on the remote control to disable it.
 5. I cannot remember the password for the set-top box?
• The default password for the set-top box is ‘0000’.
If you forget password, contact a local service center. You can specify a new password after initializing it.
For more information, feel free to contact 19001592


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